April 2017 Nutrition Challenge!.png

April 2017 Nutrition Challenge

How to participate:

  • Sign up at the gym - buy in is $25 per person

  • Take 6 preliminary body measurements using skin calipers

  • Participate in a preliminary workout on April 3 (you will have 1 week to complete)

  • Take “before” pictures

  • Begin daily scoring

Every day of the challenge you will record the points you earn in 6 categories:

1. FB Check in (5 points)

2. WOD completed (5 points)

3. 10 minutes of mobility (5 points)

4. Consume ½ of your body weight in ounces of water (5 points)

5. Sleep 7-9 hours (5 points)

6. Nutrition (up to 5 points)

    • You will begin each day with 5 points and deduct 1 point per “non-compliant” food/drink

    • Example: -1 point for 1 beer consumed

    • You cannot get negative points

If you do not complete one of the categories, you simply do not get points for it that day. There are no points given less than 5 for the categories besides nutrition.

YOU are responsible for recording your score each day! This is the honor system so be honest! You are only cheating yourself by lying! Daily scoring will provide you with accountability and motivate you to improve your lifestyle. We will periodically check in on your scores.

Winners will be decided in 3 categories:

1. Most points accumulated

2. Biggest change in body measurements

3. Biggest improvement in workout score

Winners will each receive a swag bag! ($50 value)

For $25 you get:

  • A daily scoring template

  • Nutrition guidelines with suggested grocery list & meal ideas

  • 6 caliper sites to measure body composition

  • Before/After pictures showing body composition changes

  • An accountability system

  • Progress toward your health goals

  • Knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle instead of a “diet”

  • A chance to win awesome swag

  • Bragging rights over your friends