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On Saturday, March 10 we will be hosting a Yoga Tune Up Seminar all about how to build and maintain healthy shoulders.

Sign up here!


March 10, 2018Tampa, FL

Saturday | 11 AM – 1:30 AM



You know, those joints that do the all-important job of connecting your arm to your trunk?

Did you know that your shoulder joint (or, for the body nerds out there, the glenohumeral joint) is the most mobile joint in your entire body? Yep. They can move in ways + directions that even your hips (and you know your hips don’t lie, right?) can’t gyrate....


Are on Beyond the Whiteboard? Download the app and use the code "GETPRIMAL" to join our gym. You'll be able to see the workouts posted, record your results, and see how you compare to other athletes in the gym and track your progress! There are several of you who had inactive accounts and may have been removed, so if you want to track using the app, you may have to join again!

You can also keep track of your workouts and 1 RMs using a Workout Journal if you are more of a pen and paper person (like me). We sell WOD Journals at the gym for $15, and are great for a back up to BTWB.

It's extremely important to keep track of your workout results and your personal records. Why? Because how else can you measure your progress? How can you work towards your goals if you cannot remember how much weight you lifted last time? Plus, with the Open approaching, you will want to record your scores for the Open workouts because historically we have repeated workouts from previous years. The beauty...


Happy Valentines Day!

Next Wednesday 2/21 at 10:30am I am hosting my monthly Mommy + Me class! This is for new moms who want to work out with their baby, and is open to all skill levels, and is completely free! This month we will be joined by Shayne Tarrance, who is a pelvic floor therapist with OPPT. Please tell your mom friends! Reach out to me with any questions

We are also having our Open Kick Off Picnic this Saturday at Picnic Island Park! Please see the FB event for more details. We hope everyone can come!

And then recover and prep the body with Michelle at our Sunday Yoga class at 10am at the gym. The Open begins in 8 days and we want you to all be prepared!

Wednesday's Training:

A. Every :90 x 5 @ 75%:

1) 1 Snatch + 4 OHS

2) 2 Snatch + 3 OHS

3) 3 Snatch + 2 OHS

4) 4 Snatch + 1 OHS

5) 5 Snatch

B. For Time:


Front Squats (135/95)



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Tuesday's Training:

A. In 10 minutes find your max height box jump

B. 12 min AMRAP:

20 Ab mat Sit-Ups

10 KB OH Walking Lunges, R

10 KB OH Walking Lunges, L

Wt: 53/35


Please help me in congratulating Coaches Joel + Halley for attending the CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Course this weekend and Coach Dana for attending the CrossFit Masters Specialty Course! We love that our trainers are continuously working to expand their knowledge and coaching abilities in order to best benefit our athletes!

“I can tell you what it is that makes you successful in business, more specifically as a CrossFit affiliate,” CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman says. “It’s the blind and relentless constant pursuit of excellence.”

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Mark your calendars for this Saturday, Feb 17 at noon when we'll be heading to Picnic Island to kick off the 2018 Open. All are welcome!

Monday's Training:

A. Push Press


Pick load, climbing or across

B. For Time:

800m Run



We are so pumped that so many of you have signed up for the Open so far, even people who have been at the gym for less than 2 months! It is the most people we have ever had do the Open at our gym, so it's a real milestone for us. Please sign up if you have not already! If for nothing else then to participate on a team and have a chance to win prizes after the 5 weeks of workouts. Not sure what the Open is? Go here

We will be assigning teams in the next couple of weeks, and while we won't let you choose your teammates, we will make sure you are with someone you know! You can win points for your team by completing the workout each week, checking in on social media, taking one of the top 3 spots for male/female RX/scaled, and for having the best spirit as a team! Spirit means cheering your fellow athletes on, volunteering to help judge if needed, wearing matching team shirts/socks/hats etc. and just maintaining a positive attitude overall!

Tomorrow we are going to repeat an open workout...


Just a few quick reminders...

  • Sign up for the Open
  • Order your Open T-shirt/Tank Top - Friday is the last day before we order them. We will charge your account $20.
  • Barbell Club is Tues/Thurs @ 5:30pm and Saturday @ 8:30am - $10 to drop in or $40 add-on membership!
  • If the new 9AM time for class Mon - Fri is NOT working for you, I need to know! If no one speaks up, we will keep it going forward.
  • This Saturday at 9:30am we will have FREE CHILDCARE! Bring your kid.

Thursday's Training:

A. Back Squat


As Heavy as possible for each set

B. For TIme:


Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65)

Push Press (95/65)

Rx+: 115/75

Goal: Sub 8mins, big/unbroken sets, quick transitions between movements


How much sleep are you getting each night? Many of us think we can function on 5-6 hours (or less!) but really we need more like 7-9 hours to have all of our bodily functions working properly! Lack of sleep can disrupt normal hormonal function causing more cortisol to be released when we feel stressed, and can also affect the hormone ghrelin which controls our appetite. Do you ever notice that you feel hungrier when you didn't get a great night of sleep the night before? That's why!

Some sleep hygiene tips:

  • Sleep in a completely dark room - no lights from tv, cell phones, or from outside your window. Buy black out curtains, and leave devices out of your bedroom.
  • Use amber glasses/blue blocking lenses. Blue light from devices and light bulbs can disrupt your circadian rhythm, so if you are watching tv or looking at your laptop before bed, put these glasses on to block out the harmful blue light.
  • Use dimming apps on your laptop, phone, and even lights in your house. Have them naturally dim your screens as the sun goes down.
  • Sleep in a cool...

The Open is 17 days away! Please sign up! If you sign up, you will be placed on a team and will work to earn points for your team each of the 5 weeks. Here is how the point system will work:

1 point for the top male and female Rx and Scaled performers each week

2 points for checking in on Facebook/posting on Instagram (per check in)

3 points per person for completing the workout each week

4 points to the team with the best spirit each week

When the 5 weeks are over we will add up all of the team points and give out prizes! Don't forget to also sign up for a Primal Empowerment Open t-shirt/tank top! The cost is $20 and we need orders in by the end of this week!

Tuesday's Training:

A. Every 90 Seconds x 6:

5 Touch & Go Clean & Jerks

Pick Load

B. 3 Rounds:

500m Row

30 Wall Balls (20/14)

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Goal: Steady pace on row, big sets of WBs, consistent pace on BBJOs


I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, and that you didn't go too crazy for the Super Bowl! Not sure who is going to win yet, but I'm personally pulling for the Patriots, because you really can't say anything bad about Tom Brady, he's the best. If you indulged in a little too much dip or a few too many pigs in a blanket, have no fear just start fresh tomorrow! And, at least some of you got your movement in today with our yoga class!

Check out the burpee penalty game played by Dave Castro and Dan Bailey a couple years ago.

Remember that the 9:30am class is at 9:00am this week Monday - Friday!

Saturday 2/10 will be at our usual 9:30am time and will also have Free Childcare!!

Mark your calendars for our Open Kickoff Party on Saturday February 17 at noon! You can RSVP on Facebook. We will still have Barbell Club at 8:30...