Ah yes, the Open. The 5 weeks every year that we nervously wait around our laptops or apple tvs Thursday nights for the workout to be announced in whatever cheesy way Dave Castro plans for that reveal. We then watch athletes perform the workouts and get scores that seem inhuman, only to mentally prepare to perform the workouts ourselves the following day.

It's so much fun!

This year the Open begins on February 22. We will program the Open workouts every Friday for 5 weeks, so you might as well sign up!

Tomorrow's workout is the first Open WOD from 2016, and back when we were CrossFit Thumbs Up 2.0 in Britton Plaza, this was a logistical nightmare for us. Luckily we are in a much, much larger space now and we won't have any issues! It will be a lot of fun and give you a taste of what the Open is like!

Friday's Training:

Open WOD 16.1


20 min AMRAP:

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge (95/65)

8 Bar Facing Burpees

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge

8 C2B Pull Ups


20 min AMRAP:

25 ft. FR Walking Lunge (45/35)

8 Bar Facing Burpees

25 ft FR Walking Lunge

8 Jumping C2B Pull Ups

Goal: Steady, consistent pace through each round