2017 CrossFit Games

The 2017 CrossFit Games begin tomorrow! Check out all the action by going to You can also download the CrossFit Games app to get notifications about all the events! These are the fittest individuals, teams, teens, and masters on earth!

Don't forget to join us on Sunday after Yoga to watch the final day of events. We will be grilling at the gym, feel free to bring snacks and drinks. All are welcome!

Thursday's Training: CF +GT

For Time:

90sec ring pushup hold

40 db step ups (db’s by side) (45/25lbs)

30 wall ball (20/14lbs)

20 box around the worlds

1min parallette l-sit hold

30 db step ups (db’s by side)

20 wall ball

10 box around the worlds

30sec ring pushup hold

20 db step ups (db’s by side)

10 wall ball

5 box around the worlds