1. Book an appointment with Dr. Jake! He will be at the gym every Saturday beginning July 25 from 9 to 1!

Here is the link to book: https://rxchiromove.janeapp.com/locations/primal-empowerment/book#staff_member/1

2. Stacy & Tyler's Going Away Party is this Saturday 7/18 at Avery's Pool! Check the board for the address and sign up to bring some food and/or drinks! All are welcome!

3. Our new Endurance Class begins this Saturday at 8:30am! Please sign up in Mindbody and come increase your aerobic capacity!

Wednesday's Training:


Front Squat 5x3

* Begin at 50-60% of 1RM, building weight with each set (End with a heavy 3 rep. Do not attempt a 3 rep max). Ideally this should be heavier then heavy 5 but go by feel.

-New set every 2 minutes-


12 minute Amrap

21 Wall Balls (20/14)

15 Toes to Bar

9 Burpee to Bar