All about the kipping pull-up

The likelihood of pull-ups being in the last Open workout is high. We've seen pull-ups in almost every year of the Open, and the RX version has been Chest to bar. It's ok if you don't have pull-ups yet, we are going to spend a significant amount of time practicing tomorrow! I've included some demo videos of the kipping pull-up, the kipping chest to bar pull-up, and the butterfly pull-up below so take a few minutes to check them out!

The workout may also be in a chipper style since we haven't seen that yet this year. Tomorrow's workout will be a nice reminder of how a chipper workout feels, so definitely come in to practice this one!

Wednesday's Training:

A. EMOM x 7:

5-8 Kipping/Butterfly/C2B Pull Ups


Scale reps, Banded Kipping PUs, Neg PUs, Low Bar PUs, Ring Rows

B. For Time:


S2OH (105/70)

Abmat Sit Ups

Calorie Row

Goal: Big sets, push pace