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Alllllll the Cardio

Need a dish to bring to your holiday dinner?

Check out this sweet cooking video from "Paleo" Nick Massie of CrossFit HQ:

He cooks up a delicious beef tenderloin with a Christmas pico.

If you don't feel like going that far in your holiday preparations, there are MILLIONS of healthy recipes you can find to bring to your family or friends. My go to is a sweet potato and pecan casserole. You throw some sweet potatoes in the slow cooker for a few hours and make a topping. It's super easy and delicious! Here is the recipe!

No matter what you make or eat over the holidays, don't feel guilty! Just put it behind you and start back on a healthy track at the next meal!

Thursday's Training:

A. 12 min to find a heavy 5 rep Bench Press

B. For Time:

1000m row

Rest 5 mins

For Time:

800m Run