And the new President is...

I don't actually know who won the election yet because I'm writing this hours before the polls close and most likely won't stay up to find out! Either way let's move on and focus on what actually matters, fitness & nutrition.

Hopefully everyone participating the in Nutrition Challenge has found their groove and are getting comfortable with what they are eating. Please talk to me or your team leader if you are struggling to stay on track! We can help you make it easy.

Clean out your pantry of all the "no" items you are holding on to and bring them to the gym to donate to Feeding Tampa Bay.

Running Club is at 6pm now!

Remember on Friday we will only have a 9:30am class.

Wednesday's Training:

For time:

50 DB Deadlifts (55/35)

15 Muscle Ups (scale to Box Muscle Ups/Jumping Bar Muscle Ups)

50 DB Hang Power Clean

30 DB Deadlift

8 Muscle Ups

30 DB Hang Power Clean

10 DB Deadlift

4 Muscle Ups

10 DB Hang Power Cleans

Get Toned:

3 rounds for time:

25 DB Deadlifts

15 DB Rows

25 DB Hang Power Cleans