Beach WOD Canceled!

Unfortunately the weather is not going to be ideal for a beach workout on Saturday, so we have canceled the event. We will plan another time in the near future. Plan on being at the gym Saturday morning for our usual 9:30am class. Sorry!

We will be hanging out at the gym after class though, and if you want to bring something to grill we will fire it up! Come hang out with us!

Don't forget to come get Supple this Sunday at 10 am! We are holding a mobility class that everyone can benefit from, and it's free for everyone so bring a friend!

Friday's Training:

A. EMOM x8:

6 Kipping/Butterfly Pull Ups

Scales: Reps, Banded Pull Ups, Neg. Pull Ups(1-3), Low Bar Pull Ups, Ring Rows

B. For Time:


Air Squats


Push Ups


Cleans 205/145

Goal: Unbroken air squats & push ups, steady cycle pace through cleans