Best Hour with Greg Glassman

**“There are risks and costs of a program of action. But those are far less than the risks and costs of inaction.” - John F. Kennedy**

Change may be one of the single most paralyzing things.

Because in the lack of change… is safe. It’s comfortable.

But in that comfort, we are literally confining ourselves to a box. A world that cannot grow further than what it has already grown to.

If we want to grow, we need to face the terror of change. Face the chance that we may fail. Face the chance that we may embarrass ourselves. Face the chance, that we may never be “safe” again.

When we realize that it is ourselves, not our circumstances, holding us back, safety becomes the least safe thing we can so. The only risk becomes playing it safe.

Check out this podcast with Coach Greg Glassman, and see if you can keep up as he drops his usual knowledge bombs about the future of CrossFit and health.

Tuesday's Training:


Thruster: Build to a heavy set of 3


3 rounds:

"Child's Play"

10 Thrusters (115/85)

20 Deadlifts

50 Double Unders