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Birthday Celebration

One week from tomorrow (Wednesday, 4/11) we will be throwing a gym birthday party during our evening classes! We will be celebrating some of you wonderful April babies (Maisie too!) as well as the 7th anniversary of CrossFit Thumbs Up!

You may not know the story of the gym's beginning, but Jared actually started his CrossFit affiliate in his carport at his house in 2011. Him, his brother, and some friends would work out outside with minimal equipment at 6pm every night. After a few months, he decided he could open a physical location, behind Britton Plaza in a 1200 square feet room. Things were still pretty basic at CFTU 2.0, like the rope climbs we did into the hole in the ceiling, the ceiling that would crumble when you did ring rows, and our good old pull-up rig (the one in the back now), but it got the job done! That's where Jared and I met, fell in love, and launched our journey to where we are now.

In April 2016 we moved to our current location, and added in the name Primal Empowerment, because our goal is to empower all of you athletes. We are so grateful for each of you and everyone we have trained and encountered on the way. We wouldn't be anything without all of you!

That being said, please stop by to celebrate our birthday month!

Wednesday's Training:

A. Back Squat


Each Set As Heavy As Possible

B. 3 Rounds:

500m Row

24 Alt. DB S2OH (50/35)

12 DB Lateral Box Step Up & Over (24/20)