Bodyweight Monday

Thank you to those who came out for our Swim WOD on Saturday! We will definitely plan another outing to the pool! The ladies also enjoyed exchanging clothes Saturday evening! Look out for more events to come!

Quick reminder to all members: Please clean up after yourself when you are done working out. Try and remember to clean any chalk off your equipment, wipe off your white boards, and be cognizant of putting bands/ropes/boxes etc. where they belong. We appreciate your help!

Also, if you take a FITAID from the fridge please write it on the clipboard! We were missing a few last week, so please remember to record it, and if you please tell the coach you are taking one that is appreciated.

We are going to the Rays game this Saturday! Stay posted for our seat info!

We got a new order of WOD journals in so if you are looking for a convenient way to record your workouts, you can purchase one for $15.

Monday's Training: CF+GT

3 rounds:

20 Push-ups

20 Inverted Rows

20 Lateral Jumps over Parallettes

10 Parallette Pass-thrus

*inverted rows - body parallel to floor, head below feet for more of a challenge

*sub benches or boxes for parallette pass-thrus