Bring Sexy Back WOD!

Tomorrow we will be doing our Bring Sexy Back challenge WOD. We will use the results as one of our measurements for progress in the challenge. Make sure you record your score somewhere so you can reference it again in 30 days.

We will also be starting to take measurements tomorrow which will also be recorded. If you would like to take pictures at the start of the challenge to compare them to later pictures, you can do that on your own. I think that it can be an important tool to see progress as the scale doesn't always give us a full picture of the changes we've made.

I've sent all of the challenge participants an email with detailed information on the challenge, if you did not receive it please let me know.

Tomorrow you should begin tracking your nutrition, sleep, water, and exercise. I find using MyFitnessPal or a Google Spreadsheet is best!

Please let myself or your coach know if you have any questions!

Monday's Training:

"Bring Sexy Back"

For Time:

Run 800m

Row 1000m

Run 800m