Busy Weekend!

We are so proud of and thankful for our athletes who were able to volunteer this weekend at the Walk for Wishes and Clean SOG events! You guys are so awesome and we appreciate your help!

This coming month do something to help yourself out and join our Macros in May Nutrition Challenge. I will be posting the details here in a couple of days so hang in there for that! Just mark your calendars for this Saturday, May 5 after the workout we will have a healthy food tasting and a nutrition discussion!

Then Sunday, May 6 is Yoga at 10am and a Babes brunch at noon :) Challenge starts Monday, May 7!

Tuesday, May 8 is the first class of the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series! If you know a new mom (postpartum up to 1 year) please encourage her to join to reconnect to her body. This is the perfect way to ease back into fitness with a supportive community.

Monday's Training:

A. Ring Dip Progressions


5x3-5 Ring Dips


5x:10-:20 Support Holds


5x3-5 Ring Push Ups

B. 4 Rounds:

12 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35

25 ft. DB OH Walking Lunge, R

12 Pull Ups

25 ft. DB OH Walking Lunge, L

Goal: Finish each round in 3min or less