Care for a mocktail?

We haven't talked much about the no-alcohol part of this challenge, but some of you may be missing the first sip of an ice cold beer, the smell of a glass of red wine, or the clink of ice in your cocktail glass. I know that it is challenging to abstain from drinking especially if you have social events going that most of the others will be partaking in a few adult beverages. You can still go out and enjoy yourself without drinking, I promise!

My go to is sparkling water with lime when I'm taking some time off from drinking. When I was pregnant I even tried non-alcoholic wine, though I wouldn't drink that regularly (it tastes a lot like grape juice). Now I will actually drink 1/2 a kombucha mixed with sparkling water to reduce the sugar intake, but to also give myself that cocktail feeling.

I have found a few sites with sugar free "mocktails" that you can make yourself for the rest of the challenge, or if you ever want to go out but don't want to feel like the odd one out not drinking.

Easy Paleo Mocktails

20 Paleo Mocktails for the Weekend Warrior

Primal Mocktails

Thursday's Training:


Build to a heavy double 2 second pause power clean



20 Double Unders, 1 Power Clean (155/105)

20 Double Unders, 2 Power Cleans (155/105)

20 Double Unders, 3 Power Cleans (155/105)


Up by (1) Power Clean Until Finish