Chiropractic + CrossFit

Have you ever felt like you "tweaked" something while working out or in every day life? Do you have a nagging tightness or feel achy that won't go away no matter how much you foam roll/lacrosse ball? You might need to see a chiropractor!

If you have never been to a chiropractor you may be skeptical or think of getting your whole spine and neck yanked and cracked, but I promise there is chiropractic care out there that is not all about making your bones pop audibly. Yes there might be some of that during a visit, but you want a chiropractor who is going to listen to the issues you have going on, and then tailor treatment to you individually.

Last week I saw Dr. Jake Lowe of RX Chiro in St. Pete and was very pleased with my experience. He took time to talk with me about my lifestyle and past/present concerns before working on me. He used a variety of techniques and wasn't interested in rushing me out. I felt immediate relief from the tension I had been dealing with and left confident that I would return to him for any follow ups as needed. He offers a 10% discount to any CrossFit gym members as he does CrossFit himself and is therefore familiar with our issues.

Don't feel like driving over the bridge? Dr. Jake will be at the gym to provide quick treatments and kinesio taping on Tuesday, July 24 from 4- 7 pm. He will be able to talk to you about any lingering issues you may have and what he would recommend for you. Put it on your calendar!

Tuesday's Training:


18min AMRAP:

30/21 Cal Row

15 C2B Pull Ups

10 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35


18min AMRAP:

24/16 Cal Row

15 Pull ups

10 Alt. DB Snatches 35/20


18min AMRAP:

24/16 Cal Row

10 Pull Ups/Ring Rows

10 DB Snatches 35/20