Costume Party WOD!

Costume Party WOD at 6:30pm Friday Night! Come dressed as your favorite Disney Character or your favorite Coach! It doesn't matter how in depth your costume is we just want participation. Hang around after the WOD and we will celebrate with a little Halloween Party. Bring your favorite beverage!!

There will not be a 4:30pm or 5:30pm class tomorrow. Yes, we want full participation for the costume WOD. Best dressed gets a surprise!!! Bring a friend too, it's FREE!!

Below are a few more announcements.

  • Halloween WOD Party Friday at 6:30pm
  • Photographer at the gym Saturday at 9:30am
  • Sign up for No Sugar November nutrition challenge by Monday!
  • Want to get a head start for the challenge? Start throwing/giving away all that junk food you have in your fridge and pantry! Anything with added sugars is a no-no for November! I'll be providing a sample meal plan early next week!
  • Mobility class 6pm Monday!

Halloween Party WOD:

Zombie Vs Humans

Min 1: Zombie performs AMRAP


Human watches

Min 2: Zombie tries to catch Human

in 100m Sprint.

Min 3-5: Human performs 10 Burpees

if they were caught, otherwise both rest

Switch – Zombie becomes Human and

Human becomes Zombie

repeat with:

Jumping Lunges (reps)

Rowing (meters)