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Do you know that CrossFit has the solution to the world's most vexing problem (chronic disease)? I have posted about this before but I think it is super important! For the past decade and more, CrossFit has been reaching the "tip of the spear" population - people who have been athletic or have some exercise background and are relatively healthy. The goal of CrossFit is to reach everyone, young or old, fit or overweight, healthy or diagnosed with a disease. CrossFit's mission is to help people get better, and the marketing has transitioned to the majority of the population who is not doing CrossFit yet, as 7 in 10 Americans die of chronic disease these days.

Listen to Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit, talk about the CrossFit Health movement and getting physicians involved to go against the consensus of treat disease with medication versus prevent disease with lifestyle. Pursuing Health podcast

“A CrossFit physician is a special physician, that’s not an ordinary doctor. A CrossFit doc, she knows something that is not a consensus view, and at the same time it’s essential. And I mean essential like in the sense of like an essential fatty acid or an essential amino acid… this is something that makes a huge difference in maybe whether maybe you’re alive or not and certainly the quality of your life. And, it’s not trivial. And so how many docs are there, that have this knowledge? And over about a year and a half, I was asking every affiliate that would talk to me, ‘How many docs in the box?’” – Coach Greg Glassman

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On a side note, tomorrow is my birthday! I'll be enjoying a day off so please default to one of your coaches with any questions or concerns :)

Wednesday's Training:

For Time:


Rope Climbs

Clean & Jerks


Men: 145-165-185-205-225

Women: 115-125-135-145-155


Men: 135-145-155-165-185

Women: 95-105-115-120-125


Men: 65-75-95-105-115

Women: 35-45-55-65-75

Goal: Fast pace, quick transitions from rope to barbell & back