CrossFit replacing church?

FYI it's the last day to sign up for the competition! I will be charging everyone who's name is on the list tomorrow!

CrossFit and other fitness communities are taking the place of church in some millennials' lives, this article argues. "“People come because they want to lose weight or gain muscle strength, but they stay for the community,” he said. “It’s really the relationships that keep them coming back.”

"We heard people say, “Well, CrossFit is my church,” or, “SoulCycle is like my cult.” In a good way. Once that religious perspective had been opened in our eyes, so many things came out. Whether it’s the flag [on display] in every CrossFit [gym]; the names of different workouts that are given to honor fallen servicemen and women, either in the police in the military; the way that the space is set up."

Do you do CrossFit solely for how it affects your physical health, or for the opportunity to make friends and become part of a group?

Wednesday's Training:


Wendler Back Squats Wk 3

1x5 @ 75% of 1RM

1x3 @ 85% of 1RM

1x1+ @ 95% of 1RM


"Pirate's Life"

3 Rounds:

500m Row

12 FR Reverse Lunges (135/95)

3 Rope Climbs

Goal: Unbroken lunges, quick consistent pace on rope