Don't forget to vote!!!


  • Vote tomorrow if you haven't already - If you have done your research, it is very important to cast your vote!
  • Running Club on Wednesday will be at 6pm! It's getting dark much earlier so we want to make sure we start the run with a little light still out
  • This Friday, Veteran's Day, we will only have a 9:30am class! We will do a fun hero WOD so make sure you are there!
  • Saturday is the WOD with Warriors event in Clearwater Beach with lots of Games athletes. Jared and I will be out there volunteering so come check it out!
  • Bring in any food you are getting rid of for the nutrition challenge to the gym and we will donate it to a food bank this month!

Tuesday's Training:

Front Squats


Optional Finisher:

100 Partner Wall Balls (Stand next to each other and throw the ball up to the target and the partner retrieves it and performs a Wall Ball back to them). Every time they break/drop the ball, they both perform 10 Partner MB Situp Tosses. (Facing each other, they perform a situp with the ball, then toss it to their partner — 5 each, 10 total situps/throws).

Get Toned:

20 min AMRAP:

20 Wall Balls

200m run

10 Hand Release push-ups

100m run