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Don't let fear hold you back!

CrossFit Training just posted this regarding Masters athletes but it applies to all of us - sometimes our limitations are "centered between the ears".

“I can and I will” needs to be the mindset of the CrossFit athlete - especially when you are considering signing up for the Primal Liftoff and you have fear holding you back,

How to get your head in the game:

✔️Identifying negative self-talk

✔️Dealing with anxiety

✔️Recognizing self-limiting beliefs

✔️Resetting rigid thinking

✔️Changing your attitude towards intensity

If you are hesitating to sign up for the Liftoff because you are nervous or think you aren't good enough, change your thinking! You perform in front of your peers on a daily basis in the gym, and now you get the chance to compete for cool prizes (such as a Free evaluation from RXChiro & a bag of SFH Protein, among others!). Just do it!

Thursday's Training:

"Nacho Libre"


Every 3 mins x 6:

200m Run

8 Deadlifts 225/155

Max Unbroken Toes To Bar


Every 3 min x 6:

100 m Run

8 Deadlifts 155/105

Max Unbroken Knees to Chest