Don't Miss Out!!

Thank you Michelle for leading us in another amazing yoga class this morning, at the park this time! We had some beautiful sunshine and cool breeze, and practiced our headstands while getting flexy! Check out our videos/photos on Facebook and Instagram!

We also had a professional photographer come to the gym on Saturday and snap some awesome action photos! If you missed class Saturday, you missed out on a whole bunch of sweet potential profile pics :) You can follow Luis Battistini, our photographer on Instagram!

About tomorrow's workout: This workout will be an extreme test for many more experienced athletes who may have the capacity to do these movements, but we are looking for them to perform them well with gymnastic hollow body positions in mind. For the first EMOM, give these athletes the goal of completing their Strict Pull Ups and Strict Dips unbroken. Pull Up hollow bodied and dips with external rotation at the top, avoiding flaring elbows. For the second EMOM, aim to rid of chicken wings and keep a tight back swing will force these athletes to think about positions. For your more skilled athletes with better capacity, unbroken is a great goal, but many will break into 2 sets for strategic purposes. For the last two EMOMs, the Wall Walks, Toes to Bar, and Ring Push Ups are all movements they have performed in the past, but have them really think about lockout, reinforce the integrity of the kinetic chain, and quality of reps. Most of these athletes should be able to complete these last 3 exercises unbroken. For all rounds, aim to finish the work in no more than 30-40 seconds to allot for appropriate rest.

Monday's Training: CrossFit + Get Toned

A. 4 min EMOM:

4 Strict Pull-ups (scale to ring rows)

4 Strict Ring dips (scale to box/parallette dips)

B. 4 min EMOM:

4 Bar Muscle Ups (scale to jumping BMU)

C. 4 min EMOM:

3 Wall Walks

D. 4 min EMOM:

6 Toes to Bar (scale to toes to wall)

6 Push-ups