We really appreciated seeing so many people at the picnic on Saturday! Although Jared and I had to leave early, we had a lot of fun and hope you did as well! Stay tuned for our next gym events!

The Open begins this Thursday when the first workout will be announced at 8pm. You can watch it at or on CrossFit's Facebook page.

We will be creating teams this week which will be posted on the whiteboard near the boxes/ab mats. You will begin earning points for your team on Friday. The points again will be for:

1 point to the top 3 men/women in Rx and Scaled each week

2 points for checking in on FB/Instagram on Friday only!

3 points for team member who participates in the workout (you just have to show up and do it!)

4 points to the team with the best Spirit each week

We will post a sign up sheet on Tuesday for those of you who want to do the workout on Friday during one of our morning classes (5:30am, 6:30am, & 9am) so we can make sure to have enough judges in class. We will also post a sheet to sign up for a heat time for Friday evening - this one will be posted beginning Friday at 4pm since we won't know the workout in advance to plan for exact times. Afternoons will be more of an open gym style from 4pm until 7:30pm-ish.

Monday's Training:

A. Every 90 seconds x 6:

Power Clean


As Heavy as possible for each set

B. "Elizabeth"


Cleans (135/95)

Ring Dips