Finally Friday!


Great week of Training. Keep pushing hard through the last month of the year and make sure you bring in a friend next week for the FREE WEEK! You'll be their Santa Clause and they will thank you for showing them the light.

As a reminder there is NO CLASS this Friday @9:30am. Also, wear a high sock for Friday's training sesh. Work hard and have a great weekend everyone!

Friday's Training:


For Time: Post Time and Weight Used

100m Dble KB Carry in Front Rack (you choose)

20 Barbell Good Morning

2 Rope Climb

200m Dble KB Carry in Front Rack

30 Good Morning

4 Rope Climb

400m Dble KB Carry in Front Rack

40 Good Morning

6 Rope Climb


For Time

100m Farmer's Carry (use db's)

20 DB Good Morning

2 Wall Walks

200m Farmers Carry

30 Good Morning

4 Wall Walk

400m Farmers Carry

40 Good Morning

6 Wall Walk