FMS Tester #1

Great work on the Nutritional Tester. Remember to keep track of your workouts in you Primal Empowerment Wodbook. If you do not have a wod book please see a coach for details.

Compare results to June 27th, 2016

EMOM as long as possible

Beast Mode Version:

5 Push Press (75/55)

6 T2B

7 Thrusters (75/55)

Primal Version:

6 Push Press (45/35)

6 Abmat Sit-ups

6 Thrusters

Choose the one that you can successfully complete at least 10mins. If you are having an issue completing reps each minute, scale the # of reps.

If you did BEAST MODE in June and got time capped, Sub HandStand Push-ups for Push Press

Get Toned:

EMOM as long as possible

6 DB Push Press

6 Abmat Situps

6 DB Thrusters