Free CrossFit, Barbell Club, & Yoga!

There is still time to have your friends and family try us out for FREE! You all are welcome to try out Barbell Club for Free tomorrow (Thursday) and Saturday as well! Take advantage!!!

Yoga with Michelle will be this Sunday at 10am. This Sunday it is FREE for everyone, so please tell a friend! If you don't follow Michelle on Instagram, go check her out @yoga_and_kale to keep up with all her Yogi-ness even while traveling in the Yukon!

Now that you've read about nutrition and my (sometimes ranting) passion for it, are you ready to change your eating and lifestyle habits to give you the best results this year? Talk to me about individual nutrition counseling! You can also email me info@primalempowerment.com.

We are just over two weeks out from our first Primal Competition on January 20! Please sign up! It's going to be a ton of fun, and we are going to have vendors, and BEER!

Thursday's Training:

A. EMOM x10:

Rx: 5 C2B Pull Ups

Sc1: 2-4 C2B Pull Ups

Sc2: 2-5 Pull Ups

Sc3: 3-5 Low Bar/Banded Pull Ups

B. 6 Rounds:

30 Double Unders

10 Plate OH Walking Lunges (45/25)

10 Burpees Over Plate

#JoelGoal: Quick Unbroken Sets