This week is our Free Week so tell everyone you know! New people can work out every day this week at no charge. Get someone to sign up and we'll give you 5% off your monthly dues.

Feeling sore? Here are some ideas on how to recover:

  • Hydrate - drink a ton of water! add sea salt for electrolytes and stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and drinks with added sugar/sweetener because they will dehydrate you
  • Epsom salt bath - i like the brand linked below
  • Yoga/stretching - loosen up those tight muscles
  • Walking/rowing/biking/swimming - some movement that is low impact and won't further inflame your muscles and joints
  • Foam rolling and lacrosse ball rolling- check out this video
  • Fish oil - omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation (better than ibuprofen/tylenol) I use the brand below
  • Rest! Get enough sleep! That is when our body is healing.

Just know that soreness is totally normal, especially if it's been awhile since you've used certain parts of your body. You're always welcome to get into the gym and use the rowers/bikes and foam rollers/balls we have instead of doing the workout of the day. Over time, you won't hurt as badly, I promise ;)

Monday's Training:


5 rounds:

400m run

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

30 Wall Balls (20/14)

scaling options:

5 rounds:

200m run (can also row)

20 Box jumps/step ups

20 Wall balls - lighter ball or just air squats