Free Week in April!

We will be offering a Free Week of Fitness April 7- April 13.

If you haven't been with us for one of our free weeks, we allow all new athletes to work out at any of our classes all week long. This includes Yoga, Kids Class (Mon & Wed at 5:30pm), and CrossFit classes. This is a perfect opportunity to invite any friends or family members that may be interested in trying a new fitness routine, who need to make a lifestyle change to improve their health, or simply want to lift heavy weights and put them down.

If you bring a new person in during our free week and they sign up for Fundamentals, we will give you a sweet thank you gift. If they end up joining the gym, we will give you 5% off your membership dues for the lifetime of their membership.

You guys are our biggest support and we appreciate each and every one of you telling your friends about us,

Thursday's Training:

Our Last Goat Day!

On the Minute x 20

Odd: Movement 1

Even: Movement 2

(hint: do not do thrusters tomorrow)