Free Week is Wrapping Up!

We hope you have enjoyed coming to our Free Week!

Saturday will be the last day of our Free Week! We will be doing a team workout which is typical for our Saturday wods. If you know someone who hasn't made the decision to come yet this week, try and entice them with working together Saturday morning!

Just because our Free Week is ending, it doesn't mean your CrossFit journey has to end too. We would love to have you take the next step and complete our Fundamentals program. There is no obligation to join after the Fundamentals sessions, so if you decide not to become a member you will at least have the knowledge and experience to take with you into your next fitness venture. Please talk to a coach or email me at

Friday's Training:


EMOM x 10:

Strict Press

3 reps every minute - same weight across


"Batter Up"

5 Rounds:

1 minute KB Swings (53/35)

1 minute Goblet Squats

1 minute Calorie Row

1 minute Rest