Fresh Original Food

While Jared and I are out on baby leave (could be any time now!) we are going to get some assistance coaching some of our classes from some guest coaches. Joel and Yoonmee are CrossFit trainers we have known for awhile now and we know you will be left in good hands while we are gone! They will be popping in to the afternoon classes this week so some of you will get a chance to meet them. Thank you all for your understanding for any changes we may need to make!

I loved seeing some of your meal prep pictures from this weekend! Keep up all your hard work and effort! If you aren't a big meal-prepper, you can also check out the new meal delivery service we offer - Fresh Original Food. Order by Monday to get your meals on Thursday, or order by Thursday to get your meals delivered Monday. All of their meals are Paleo (made with real food ingredients!).

Tuesday's Training:

200m Farmers Carry (moderate weight)

30 DB Front Squats (same weight)

30 Inverted Ring Rows

200m Farmers Carry

20 DB Front Squats

20 Inverted Ring Rows

200m Farmers Carry

10 DB Front Squats

10 Inverted Ring Rows