Front Squizzles

We will have free childcare this Saturday so bring your kids with you to class if needed!

Please watch the video above for points of performance in the front squat.

If you have issues performing the front squat - whether you can't keep your elbows up, it causes pain in your wrists, you can't get below parallel, etc., please read this article!

"Poor flexibility in the front rack is one of the most frequent complaints in the gym, and without good positioning an athlete’s ability to properly perform the front squat, clean, overhead press and jerk can be significantly affected.

The front-rack position is a combination of several motions: shoulder flexion and external rotation, elbow flexion and pronation, wrist extension, and thoracic-spine extension. As with any movement or positioning fault, a better understanding of the various components will allow the athlete or coach to more effectively correct underlying problems."

Friday's Training:


Build to a heavy triple Front Squat


"Crow's Nest"

2 x 5 min AMRAPs:


KB Swing 70/53

Front Squat

Calorie Row

5 min Rest Between AMRAPs

1st AMRAP @ 135/95

2nd AMRAP @ 115/75