I sent out a small post about this recently and really want to reiterate before we close out this last week of 2016:

You should sit down and write out some goals for 2017.

I'm going to talk about specific health and fitness goals in this post but you can obviously apply this to your relationship, professional, and whatever other goals you have.

Your health and fitness goals should follow the SMART template:

S - specific (the exact goal you want to accomplish)

M - measurable (how will you know when the goal is completed? how can you demonstrate it to others?)

A - achievable (do you have the necessary tools and equipment?)

R - relevant (is the goal in line with your vision for training/mentality/perspective?)

T - time-constrained (what is the beginning and end date?)

For example: Your goal is to perform 10 unbroken strict pull-ups.

Specific - 10 strict body weight pull-ups, pronated grip, without coming off the bar

Measurable - 10 reps

Achievable - You have access to a pull-up rig, time to practice, and coaches who can give you tips

Relevant - strict pull-ups carry over into your CrossFit training

Time-constrained - figure out how many pull-ups you can do now, then set realistic times you will achieve 1 more pull-up (1 pull-up every month, etc)

Writing out your goals will keep you focused on them. When you make progress you will be more motivated to work on your weaknesses and show up to the gym every day - maybe even a few minutes early to practice. Luckily, your WOD Journal has a section on SMART goals. You can purchase one for yourself for $15 if you don't have one!

For more helpful info on goal setting, listen to The Art of Coaching Podcast from our friend Josh Martin at CrossFit For Glory, and talk to a coach about nailing down a goal for you!

Friday's Training:

CrossFit + Get Toned:

Buy In: 40 Air Squats


Single Arm OH DB Walking Lunges (45/25)

Air Squats

Cash Out: 20 TGU (45/25)