Greg Glassman Shares his Thoughts on $4-Million Sanctions Win Against NSCA

A California federal court recently awarded CrossFit $4 million in terminating sanctions in CrossFit vs. NSCA. On Jan. 10, 2020, CrossFit shared a Retraction Watch article with updates on the case. CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman shares his thoughts on the ruling below:

The trove of evidence and rulings in CF vs NSCA in U.S. Court, and CF vs NSCA in Ohio Court, and NSCA vs CF in California Court presents a museum grade specimen of scientific misconduct. All the failings of peer review are here in glorious detail, how it is that scientific consensus is crafted from fraud and what a political beast the keepers of the consensus become is made abundantly clear. The worst of it is found in the NSCA's internal correspondence and in the rulings of multiple judges in three jurisdictions.

Our specimen has fabrication and falsification of data, suborned by the NSCA's Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research's editor-in-chief in the peer review process and repeated scientific misconduct in misrepresenting to the public and press what was happening in the courts and in the retraction. (Yup, lying about scientific misconduct to the press is additional scientific misconduct according to US Federal Guidelines. Misrepresenting the nature of the reason for retracting the study is additional scientific misconduct and earned that ruling from the courts as well.)

As it became apparent that the NSCA was about to be exposed the whole organization responded organism-like with coordinated perjuries and data and device sleight-of-hand that would make a magician proud. But, alas, it all got exposed by forensic investigators hired on court order. Oh shit!!

Suppose, you're not bothered by fake science in the health space for soda-money or prestige (tenure's a helluva drug!!) and that felonies like perjury and destruction of evidence also don't exactly shake your trust in your brand of science, anyone bothered by an email chain wishing terrorists would hit our events? (Yup, that's there too!) (And a Lanny Davis angle representing a mysterious unnamed party!)

I told you this was a museum quality specimen. We've thought of John Grisham several times along the way.

The NSCA took a study that demonstrated a remarkably positive training effect doing CrossFit and added injuries that never occurred. This puts the NSCA in wholesale abdication of any presumed charter of advancing human performance in the service of health. CrossFit is more than willing to make good on that charter, we're 20-years-in successful in that very regard, and willingly assume the mantle of trusted authority on fitness and lifestyle outcomes including and especially health. (If nobody mentions the ACSM, I won't turn my attention in that direction for now. We will leave the second of the self-proclaimed "twin pillars of academic sports" out of this. EAHE and EIM and Soda-Pop are for another thread, another day.)

I more than appreciate the support of my affiliates in our efforts to expose all of this. We've let the court know that the currency of victory is light - that exposure is why we are here. You affiliates made this public service possible. The good that comes out of exposing the NSCA is testimony to the good coming out of 15,000 CF gyms around the world.


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