So we may not ever get to the level of Olympic gymnastics athletes, but there are certainly many benefits from training gymnastics movements. Performing body weight movements (especially at high reps) is extremely challenging, and you don't need weighted movements to get a good workout in or to develop strength.

Feel free to scale the amount of reps tomorrow - the push-ups will add up to 150 total and that is quite a lot. You can also scale these to a box. The parallette pass throughs will be a new movement for most of us, and if you are a taller athlete we will have you use boxes.

For those of us working on handstands, we will get a chance to practice a lot tomorrow so have no fear, tomorrow may be the day it happens!

Thursday's Training:

10 rounds:

15 Push-ups

10 Parallette Pass throughs

5 Candlestick to Handstand

Get Toned:

A. Death by Kettlebell

B. Death by Burpees