Gymnastics in August

Tomorrow we will take some time to build to a heavy 3 rep front squat before jumping into the workout. We will stagger people on the rowers so everyone will be able to get this workout done. This workout is a sprint so you should be getting through the squats and rowing as fast as you can - scale as needed! Don't go out too fast on the rowing - you can pick up your pace for the last 250m or so.

We are focusing on gymnastics this month, so even if we aren't doing a specific gymnastic skill in the workout, we will be practicing skills in the warm-up. We will scale the movements for those of you who are still working on your gymnastic abilities. This is something we can all benefit from, as we don’t often take the time to slow down, take a few steps backward and start from the basics.

Wednesday's Training:

For Time:

35 Front Squats (185/135)

1000m row

*the front squats should be completed in 1-3 sets and is taken from the ground, scale accordingly

Get Toned:

Use DBs for Front Squats (55/45)