Happy Birthday Halley!

Our nickname-giving, marine life loving, long hair don't care coach Halley celebrates her birthday tomorrow! And to celebrate along with her, we will be doing a workout with some of her favorite movements. Don't worry about being able to do all of the movements as written, we always have numerous ways to modify our workouts so they are accessible to anyone - even your grandma!

We will be taking more preorders for our t-shirts and tank tops this week, so if you didn't get one on our first order please write your name on the sheet under which one you would like. I will charge your account for the shirt unless you want to pay cash. Help represent the community!

Wednesday's Training:


20 min AMRAP:

86 Double Unders

7 Plate G2OH (45/25)

18 Burpees Over Plate

32 OH Walking Lunges

Goal: Manageable sets, short rest, keep moving