Happy Birthday Melina!

Our t-shirts/tank tops are here! Make sure you pick yours up if you ordered one, or purchase one of the extras we got for $25!

Have you heard of a keto diet? Want to know what it is and how it differs from eating paleo? Check out this article by Robb Wolf, an old school paleo nutrition guy on Paleo Vs Keto Diets.

Wolf says, "Regardless of the dietary approach (paleo, keto, vegan etc.) your #1 focus is eating whole, unprocessed foods with an eye towards nutrient density." And I agree!

Tomorrow is Melina's birthday, so we are doing a workout in her honor! Happy Sweet 16!

Thursday's Training:

"Sweet 16"

16 min AMRAP:

16 Toes To Bar

16 S. Arm KB Push Press (53/35)

50m Waiter Carry

Goal: Consistent sets of TTB, Unbroken Waiter Carry