Thursday's Training:


Bench Press 5x3

* Begin at 50-60% of 1RM, building weight with each set (End with a heavy 3 rep. Do not attempt a 3 rep max). Ideally this should be heavier then heavy 5 but go by feel.

* Make sure to have a spotter!

-New set every 2 minutes-


Tabata style for each movement:

8 rounds

20 seconds of work

10 seconds of rest

* 1 minute of rest between each set of 8 rounds (time to change to the next movement)

Tabata 1: Push Ups

Tabata 2: Inverted Ring Row

Tabata 3: Stick Sit Ups

Tabata 4: Jumping Split Lunges

* 4 total separate scores for each movement

**Ring row - feet on box, bottom of the rings set to hip height, Shoulder width