Hey! I have a blog!

Do you know we also put out content about nutrition and lifestyle? Check out my blog, Primal Empowerment Health & Wellness. You will not only find articles (hopefully helpful), but services for personal training and remote programming as well as Nutritional Counseling. If you have any questions or concerns about your health or wellness, please reach out! You can send me an email at

I also recently went through a training to facilitate a fertility optimization program. I will be posting about offering a 6 week course on how to get ready for conception - for both women & men! Getting pregnant might be harder than you think, so I want to provide you with the tools and information you can use to give yourself the best chances! Stay tuned!

Thursday's Training:

A. 8 min EMOM:

Rx+: 3 Deficit HSPUs

Rx: 3-5 Strict HSPUs

Sx: 1 Negative HSPU

Beg: 3-5 Box Pike Push Ups or Seated DB Press

B. 3 Rounds with one 45/25 DB

10 DB Box Step Up & Over (24/20)

50m Waiter Carry, R

10 DB Push Press, R

10 DB Box Step Up & Over (24/20)

50m Waitier Carry, L

10 DB Push Press, L