How to eat healthier in 2018 without dieting

Happy 2018!

I'm sure many of us have enjoyed this holiday season (maybe some of us enjoyed it too much!) and you are ready to kickstart the new year with a new diet.

But wait, have you ever have success "dieting"? Most of us have probably experimented with cutting calories, eating low fat, buying expensive meal plans or supplements, and counting "points", only to lose weight briefly and then gain it back.

For me, I have had by far the best results by just following a mantra of "eat real food". I started following a strict paleo diet when I first found CrossFit (eliminating all grains, dairy, processed foods, and sugar) but have since experimented with adding things back in that work for me. Now I eat grains (rice and oatmeal, some gluten-free bread occasionally) but have kept out dairy, processed foods, and as much sugar as possible (dark chocolate and wine not included).

I think the most important change you can make this year to see the results you want is to eat the highest quality protein and as many vegetables you can. Where can you find high quality protein that won't leave you broke?

  • Farmers markets - specifically Hyde Park Fresh Market which happens the first Sunday of every month in Hyde Park village. Last time I was there, I saw at least 3 different ranchers selling pasture-raised meat and eggs. I bought 11 pounds of grassfed ground beef for $60. Thats $5.45 per pound from Riverbend Ranch Cattle Company. Healthy Heritage also sells a wide variety of meat - chicken, duck, lamb, pork, etc
  • Sprouts/Trader Joe's - typically a little bit more expensive (TJ's is about $6.50 per pound), but Sprouts will have sales on their beef as low as $3.99 per pound.
  • Fresh Family Goods Co-op - located off Gandy across from the dog track, this is a tiny operation only open Monday and Tuesday. It costs $15 a year to be a member (dirt cheap) and you have access to pasture-raised chicken, pork, eggs, and grassfed beef. They also sell organic local produce and dry goods. I go there almost weekly, so if you can't make in on the days they are open, I can help you out!
  • Online companies like US Wellness Meats and Butcherbox. US Wellness sells a wide variety of high quality meat and even organ meats - I get Beef Liverwurst and Chicken livers to get in those nutrient-dense foods in my diet (my baby also eats these!). Butcherbox is a subscription service you get delivered to you monthly or every other month and you can choose the kind of meat you want.

Don't eat meat because you've bought into the vegan propaganda after watching a well-made Netflix documentary? You may want to actually research that because it's a wealth of lies.

Still think saturated fat is bad for you and will give you heart disease? That myth has also been debunked. You can catch up to reality by listening to this episode of Joe Rogan.

Tuesday's Training:

A. EMOM x 10:

1 Squat Clean Thruster

B. "Raise The Bar"

8min AMRAP:


Thrusters (95/65)

Toes To Bar