If you know me well, you know that I am a huge proponent of high quality animal products. I only buy grass-fed beef, free range chickens/eggs, and pastured pork, wild caught fish. You are what your animal eats! So if your animal is living on a factory farm in a small pen surrounded by its own feces, most likely you aren't getting the best protein you possibly could. Check out this deal from Strauss Direct, a family owned farm that raises animals humanely. Their cows are grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning they eat grass until the day they die and are not supplemented with grains.

They are offering an amazing deal on their box of chicken and beef for 40% off with the code GETFIT40. I ordered mine today, the price dropped from $235 to $141. That's a really good deal for some choice cuts of beef.

Wednesday's Training:


2018 Regional Event 3 (Mod.)

3 Rounds:


5 Ring Muscle Ups

30 ft. Handstand Walk

24-30-36 Pistols

30 ft. Handstand Walk

Scale 1

5 Pull Ups

5 Ring Dips

3 Wall Walks

24-30-36 Box Pistols

3 Wall Walks

Scale 2

5 Ring Rows

5 Push Ups

30 ft. Bear Crawl

24-30-36 Air Squats

30 ft. Bear Crawl