Muscle Up Practice!

Next Monday we will be switching over to 9AM instead of 9:30AM for a trial period. Saturday will remain 9:30AM.

Don't forget to come recover with us on Sunday morning at 10AM with Yoga!

The Superbowl is also Sunday! Who is your pick to win?

Tomorrow we will be doing a lot of muscle up practice for the upcoming Open. Muscle ups have historically made an appearance in the Open, with many people getting their first ones during the workout! This is your chance if you are close to getting one to practice!

Wednesday's Training:

A. EMOM x 7:

3-5 Ring Muscle Ups


- Scale reps

- Bar Muscle Ups

- Ring Pull Ups

- Ring MU Transitions

B. 15 min AMRAP:

100m Med Ball Run (20/14)

10 DB Squat Cleans (50/35)

100m Med Ball Run

10 Toes to Bar

Goal: Manageable sets, quick transitions