Muscle Up Practice!

Jared and I will be out of town beginning tomorrow and will be returning the following Wednesday. Please talk to any of our knowledgeable coaches if you have any questions or concerns while we are gone. If you'd like to purchase something (Fitaid, shirt, barbell club, etc) please record it on the clipboard hanging next to the fridge. Come to class and have fun!

Tomorrow's workout involves a high-skill gymnastics movement which we provide time to practice in the warm-up. If you don't have muscle ups, however, still come to class! Maybe tomorrow is the day you get your first! Or maybe you still get a great workout with a modification.

Want to spend more time on ring muscle ups? Vote to do them during our new monthly skill workout! (see board at gym)

Wednesday's Training:

12 min AMRAP:

1 Ring Muscle Up

5 Air Squats

Every round add 1 Muscle Up + 5 Air Squats

Scaling: Box Transition Muscle Ups, Floor Transitional Muscle Ups