Natural Movement

Hey! Thanks for some of the suggestions for things to do next month! We will have the schedule posted next week so stay tuned!

We are hosting a MovNat seminar on Saturday September 9 and Sunday September 10 and there are 4 Free spots to participate! You don't have to attend all weekend, you can choose to just join in for part of the seminar. Check out that link to find out more but here is a summary:

"MovNat is fundamentally about movement. We practice a comprehensive, holistic & mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities. We are unique in that our movements ARE our strengthening and conditioning. The practice is for everyone. It is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence for any area of life."

On the difference between MovNat & CrossFit: "CrossFit is a General Preparedness Program (GPP) done at high intensity, and mostly draws from Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and GPP drills. MovNat on the other hand is entirely based on the full range of natural movement skills, and emphasizes practicality, and environmental adaptability. For example, most jumping in CrossFit is done jumping up and down a plyobox for metabolic conditioning and with little to no emphasis on technique and movement quality, whereas MovNat involves many more jumping techniques, done on varied surfaces, and emphasizing efficiency and movement quality, and the same goes for climbing and most other movement skills. While the range of drills in CrossFit is considered to be wide, it is actually quite limited compared to the amount of techniques taught in MovNat, and the number of drills trained. For instance, real-life, practical skills such as essential as balancing do not not even exist in CrossFit; a lot of CrossFitters must address mobility issues through specific mobility drills, whereas MovNat involves many natural movements that naturally engage, challenge and benefit overall mobility, without feeling like an extra, time-consuming chore.

Don’t get mistaken, MovNat too values work capacity, and training involves circuits done at high intensity for metabolic conditioning. The difference with CrossFit is our emphasis on technique, movement efficiency, and quality, ensuring not only scalability but also progressions through sound programming, making the practice less prone to cause overtraining, stress-related and/or movement pattern inefficiency-related injuries. For this reason, we are seeing a greater number of CrossFitters learn MovNat techniques and adopt aspects of our training approach."

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Thursday's Training:

9 min AMRAP:

7 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

25 Double Unders

Get Toned: use DBs (50/35)