Not Your Boring Old Strength Workout

Happy Valentine's Day! Treat yourself or your loved ones today with gratitude and a positive attitude- whether or not you're single :) Come get in a great upper body workout with some movements we don't see come up too often. It is up to you to create the intended stimulus today - which should be challenging. For the bent over rows we are focusing on proper posture and positioning, so keep that in mind as you are adding weight to your bar. Also, practicing a high volume of dips is never easy!

Tuesday's Training:

A. 5 rounds, not for time:

6 Bent Over Rows

3 Weighted Dips

Rest as needed

B. 5 rounds:

5-10 Unbroken Ring Dips

Rest 1-2 minutes

Get Toned:

A. 5 rounds:

6 Renegade rows per arm

6 Perfect Push-ups

rest as needed

B. 5 rounds:

5-10 UB Deficit Push-ups

rest 1-2 mins

Optional finisher: Push-up ladder

Min 1: 1 Push-up

Min 2: 2 Push-ups

Min 3: 3 Push-ups

etc until failure