NSN Shopping Lists

No Sugar November Challenge begins this Thursday! That means you will need to get your grocery shopping done beforehand! Check out this page of resources from Diane Sanfilippo's 21 Day Sugar Detox program (see we aren't the only crazy ones who do this!). It includes free shopping lists with meal ideas you can print our or reference while you are at the grocery store!

Here is another link with a bunch of recipes using acorn squash - which is in season right now! Squash is a healthy starchy carbohydrate and perfect with any meal.

I'll be posting recipe links and tips throughout the challenge, and your assigned team captain/coach will also have ideas for you if you get stuck!

Sign up at the gym before Thursday!

Monday's Training:


Teams of 2:

10 rounds: (5 each)

400m run

12 Toes to Bar

Partner 1 completes one full round before Partner 2 goes