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Nutrition Challenge!

In case you don't have social media, or just don't follow us (which you should), we are having a No Sugar November nutrition challenge!

We will begin November 1 and finish on the 22nd, which is the day before Thanksgiving so you have no holiday excuses not to do this!

The goal is to cut out all added sugars from your diet. Examples of added sugars: white sugar, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, aspartame, stevia, sucralose, truvia, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, palm sugar, etc. etc.

Basically, you will have to read every food label to determine if what you want to eat has sugar added to it - you'd be surprised if you aren't already checking.

Natural occurring sugar will be ok in moderation. Meaning you can eat 2 servings of fruit per day. That means 1 apple or banana or 1 cup of berries for example. Not unlimited handfuls of grapes or unlimited oranges. And no dried fruit or fruit juice since the sugar content is much higher in those.

We are also cutting out all alcohol!!!!! You can do it. It's only 3 weeks and your body will thank you. You need to give your liver and kidneys and adrenals a break every once in a while. So hold off on drinking too!

We will make it fun of course by teaming you up with a coach and other gym members, do a tester workout at the beginning and at the end of the challenge, and give you opportunities to earn points in order to win a prize!

There will be a small entrance fee to join, but the rewards will be tenfold if you can break your sugar addiction over these 3 weeks. You'll look better, feel better, and perform better and most of all you won't be craving that piece of candy you usually have at 2pm every day or that second helping of ice cream after dinner.

Think about it, talk to your friends, and then sign up!

Wednesday's Training: CrossFit + Get Toned

15 min AMRAP:

400m run

20 Wall Balls (20/14)

40 Mountain Climbers