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October Free Week!


If you are a new athlete, thank you for your interest in us! This is where you will find the workouts posted the night before class. Some people like checking out what we'll be doing while others like to be surprised. Either way there will be announcements, updates, and relevant articles posted here as well so it is often in your best interest to check it out. Thanks for visiting!

We are excited to offer a free week to all new athletes, and appreciative of anyone who refers their friends and family to us. If you are already an athlete with us, we will offer you 5% off your membership plan if you get someone to sign up!

All of our workouts can be modified based on your individual needs and skill level, so please don't feel intimidated when you see the workout. Our coaches will work with you to find an appropriate movement or load for you to use to still participate and get your sweat on!

Monday's Training:

"Open Road"

With a partner,


30 Abmat Sit-ups

20 Wall Balls (20/14)

200m Farmer Carry (53/35)