On Fridays we Back Squat

We are kicking off the month of July with a max effort day! Don't miss out as this is a chance to get a new PR on your back squat or to establish one if you haven't tested it yet.

"The Back Squat is the pinnacle of our single modality weightlifting tests. Strength in this lift serves as the base to all other lifts and lays the foundation for the ability to increase your submaximal loads over multiple reps."

We have WOD Journals for sale for $15. It is important to write down your workouts and lifts so you can measure your progress! Check one out!

There will be No Classes on Monday, July 4th. Fia's meals will be delivered Tuesday, July 5th.

Friday's Training:

A. Max effort Push-ups

B. Find your 1 RM Back Squat

Get Toned:


Wall Balls

Russian KB Swings