Our First Ever Competition!

Guys! Our First Ever Primal In-House Competition is this Saturday at 9am!!!! You can still sign up with a partner for our RX or Scaled division! It's free to participate and will be so much fun! There will be multiple vendors including food and drink, physical therapists and Yoga Tune up! If you are not participating, please please please come and cheer on your fellow athletes!

Torn about competing? Read this article!

If you have any questions about the competition, including needing a partner, please talk to one of the coaches! We are happy to help!

Tuesday's Training:

A. Front Squats


*As heavy as possible for each set

B. EMOM x 12:

4 Rounds of...

A) 18/12 Cal Row

B) Max Reps Wall Balls (20/14)

C) Rest

Goal: 10+ WBs each round, big sets